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October 8, 2018
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000pen.space is an infinite canvas, editable by anyone. It's a scaffolding for holding any type of content, under a set of design constraints.

The content will be created by the visitors of the website, sometimes in structured ways. As a first exercise, we will play a game of tag. In time, the canvas will accumulate fragments of all of us. Here is how:

1. If you have received an assignment from someone, complete it. Document it in the way you were asked to.

2. Find yourself some empty space.

3. Come up with a new assignment. Write it down. Be playful, and be respectful. The assignment could ask one to get away from their computer, but it doesn't have to. Your description should involve a documentation section – the proof you want for the completion of the assignment, which will live on this canvas. Documentation should be done using text, images, lines and rectangles: the four visual elements available on 000pen.space.

4. Click the "share screen" button, and you will get a link to your current position in the canvas.

5. Send that link to someone whose response to your assignment you would like to see.

6. Roam around, see what others have made.

7. You have full edit control over everything, meaning that you are creator, curator, moderator and visitor, all at the same time. Be aware of your presence, and of everyone else's presence. If you see anything inappropriate, remove it yourself, or send me an email.

Laurel Schwulst's My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be? essay has been a major source of inspiration in the creation of 000pen.space. Hans Ulrich Obrist's Do It and Miranda July & Harrell Fletcher's Learning to Love You More are also up there.


000pen.space is built using p5.js, jQuery and plain Javascript. The code is open-source, you can view it on Github. (here and here.) In the spirit of full transparency, please get in touch if you would like access to the stored data.